Custom Solutions and Applications 10x Quicker

Today every business is unique. Off the shelf no longer fits your needs. Bespoke building is resource inefficient. Using our unique low-code platform for complex accounting you can deliver the operational efficiencies your business demands.

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LemonEdge Platform

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We’re the first financial services development platform for the complex back and middle-office with integrated general ledger. LemonEdge combines off the shelf solutions, with the power of API integrations and a low-code development platform for clients to automate their entire operations 10x faster than traditional approaches.

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Start with our off the shelf solutions;



Our Triple Lock of tools empower you team;


Innovate rapidly through our low-code approach and API to develop solutions 10x quicker;

  • Drag and drop tools to build custom features, data items, workflow and Excel calculations.
  • Code directly to the API for complex customization and features.
  • Integrate simply with internal or external systems.

LemonEdge API

Through unrestricted coding directly into our Open API, you are guaranteed the flexibility and power required in your software. Our API has 3 unique elements dedicated to your full control of the platform; Design API, Context API, and UI API, combined you can control every aspect of your personal solution. With over 60% of the platform created using its own API, we have developed from the inside out, giving you the confidence you can address your needs through the same API.

Learn more about our platform's API.

Triple Lock Platform

Deeper insights, increased transparency, and the only software development platform with a dedicated Financial Services Engine. Our three core elements of Open Architecture, Enterprise Data Tools and a Financial Services Engine, each provide leading functionality to ensure you have market leading capability at your finger tips. Automatically integrated into any solution built up on the platform.