Financial Services Engine

LemonEdge specialises in the financial services industry to ensure your complex and unique challenges can be solved.

Completing our groundbreaking triple-lock approach we provide a complete suite of financial functionality from multi-currency g/l and transactions processors through to period-end reporting, entity structure mapping, and blended transactions.

Professional financial experts collaborating during brainstorming meeting

Core Transaction Processor

Our Transaction Processor gives you full command over configuring the behaviour of every transaction in the system. You can allow users fine-grain control over transactions they create all the way to only allowing certain entries and fully automating the G/L, attributes, and the rest.
The Transaction Processor allows for complex operations to be shown to the user and performed quickly, easily and completely. It is also responsible for handling cancel/corrects, security, financial dates, validations and other processes to ensure your data stays in a consistent, durable and reportable state.

Multiple Dimensions

Multiple dimensions ensures you can slice and dice, aggregate, and report across multiple categories for your transactions requires numerous attributes for them. Our transactions have multiple currencies, multiple ledgers (including Base and Hypo as default), and multiple account classifications. All of these can be used across every transaction to ensure you can capture your transactions the way you require them.

Entity Structure Mapping

With LemonEdge you can simply set up your entity structures by providing a combination of allocations, rules, paths and mappings to determine how transactions are allocated throughout your entity structure. By automating a lot of the manual, and error-prone, care around handling these structures we free your teams to concentrate on your actual value-added work.

Full Partnership Accounting

Your solution often involves complicated partnership changes throughout the lifetime of your entity structures. Our Financial Services Engine provides the full range of operations you require to ensure those changes can be accurately modelled throughout your system including being able to look back prior to those changes, forward after, and to see balance transfers in/out of the relevant partners and structures.

Blended Transactions

In any hierarchical structure, there is a common accounting requirement to aggregate certain activity in underlying entities and post them against the parent entity itself in certain summarised ways. By leveraging Blended Transactions based on custom allocation percentages it can automate processes such as auto-nav and fx based transactions.

Period Ends

LemonEdge Period End processing is designed to ensure each period end for your entity structures is burned in and recorded in a table for more efficient and easier reporting, whilst also guaranteeing that your reports will always run precisely the same as the data can not be changed. Any changes will occur in the next financial period and appear in the next Period End, your statements/etc. run from the Period End data will always be the same as how you sent them out to external parties.