Connect to any data source

Maximise the value of your data with our API

Secure, comprehensive and flexible, our API enables private markets firms to leverage their disparate data sources.

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Bringing your systems together

Whether it’s your data lake, CRM, deal management system, or banking interface, LemonEdge can connect to it. Achieve the dream of a single-source of-truth data model by enabling the flow of data in both directions and harnessing the power of our software on more than just your accounting data.

Just some of the systems we can connect to:

Price Sources
FX Sources
KYC/AML systems
Data Warehouses
ESG systems
Valuation systems
Deal flow systems
Excel spreadsheets
CSV files
Access databases
Management accounting systems
Document Management systems
IT staff working with Document Management System

Modern and capable API

Our API technology uses modern standards, so it’s future-proofed and incredibly capable. There are no interconnectivity issues, no limitations or road-blocks, and we can confidently say that any API-enabled data source is accessible via LemonEdge.

Connect quickly, with no fuss

It’s rare to find a fully developed API among fund accounting systems, and while others may have some data interfacing capabilities, building external connections is often slow and costly. As the LemonEdge API follows industry-recognised standards, integrating with other systems is simpler, faster, and ultimately costs less.

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Do more with our partners

Our growing tech ecosystem

We’re building an ecosystem of interconnectivity with other market-leading software vendors, enabling our clients to quickly get things connected. We’re adding new partnerships all the time, so you get maximum value from your software investments.

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Banking and accounts in one place

With our banking partnerships, we can connect to thousands of banks around the world, bringing your payments and receipts into LemonEdge while providing automated reconciliation solutions that eliminate the need for manual recording and matching of transactions or cashflows.

See the future of fund accounting

Just some of what we’re excited to show you:

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Collate data from any source with intuitive tools.
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Eliminate multiple-entry bookkeeping.
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Create fund structures in minutes.
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Instant scenario analysis across your portfolio.
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Search and report on any data point.
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Interrogate real-time General Ledgers.
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Integrate custom calculations and waterfalls.

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A proven alternative to legacy systems

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"LemonEdge has proven market-leading capabilities that will enable the continuing evolution of our operations to become agile, efficient and able to add further value to our investors.”

Guillaume de Malliard, COO and Partner at Astorg Group

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From disruptor to best-in-class private equity fund accounting and reporting solution

November 8, 2023
Jamie Nascimento
LemonEdge Wins Best Fund Accounting Software