Ultra-flexible fund-of-funds management software

LemonEdge is the next-generation private markets fund accounting software that enables fund-of-fund or multi-manager firms to handle their unique challenges on a single platform.

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The challenges facing fund-of-fund managers

Fund-of-fund/multi-manager ('FoF') firms are creating unique challenges beyond those with direct portfolio investments, as firms look to diversify investment across a variety of fund categories. Compared to direct investments FoF firms have additional layers of management, greater reporting requirements and complexities. Read on to see how our innovations have solved these problems and more.

Scale your operational functions with LemonEdge

Here are just some of the ways our fund administration and accounting software can help you scale:

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The ultimate General Ledger

A full event-based partnership accounting system, supporting lot-level multi-currency, multi-ledger charts of accounts.

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Manage FoF structures – not just entities

Real-time full FoF structure transactional processing with full look-through.

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Customisable reporting

Automate reporting to investors or investment committee using our custom report writer.

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Seamless portal

High performant, user-friendly integrated portal for secure communication of any documents.

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Automate Calculations

Unlimited flexibility to automate any complex calculations.

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Multi-asset class in one place

Equity, credit, real estate, infrastructure, cash.

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Closed or open-ended entities

Reflect the closed, open, or hybrid entities of your underlying managers all in one system.

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Track and audit everything

All actions, including for Excel brought inside the system, all fully audited then time-stamped.

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Deploy in your private cloud

Locally deployed cloud infrastructure.

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Many Funds - One solution

Ease of multi-fund management

LemonEdge is designed to handle the complex, and we've made it simpler and faster to manage numerous funds in a single place.

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Simplicity in look-through reporting

The additional levels of management between the investor and underlying portfolio companies, comes with an increased challenge of reporting. Often reporting can be completed at an individual fund level, however, mapping the funds together for seamless, non-manual FoF reporting even with an existing fund accounting system can be challenging.

The same path allocation system, which automates the LemonEdge accounting transactions all the way through the fund and fund families is utilised for the look-through FoF reporting. Giving you the ability to have look-through reporting for an investor in multiple of your funds, or in several underlying fund families where there is ownership of a shared investment, as just one example.

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Managing complex cashflow processes

One of the primary challenges for FoF managers is handling the cashflow processes associated with the commitments, closes, drawdowns, then distributions of the underlying funds in their portfolios.

LemonEdge has a unique path allocation system which can link any entities together, including funds or fund families, with the same logic you use manually today.  We therefore empower FoF firms to manage structures of any complexity, with multiple transactions of any type, so there’s no need for external solutions to address the idiosyncrasies of underlying fund managers, or the differences in asset classes, or the scheduling of cashflow events. You can enter a business transaction and instantly see it flow through the entire structure, including the ledgers at each entity level or the fund as a whole.

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Bring your Excel workarounds into LemonEdge

Excel is often used either as the sole accounting tool, or to supplement the lack of capability in existing fund accounting solutions. Examples range from offline calculations for subsequent closes, complex management fees, carry process, or proving out black-box calculations.

Our proprietary spreadsheet solution, LemonEdge Algorithms, eliminates the need to create these high-risk offline Excel processes, so can ensure all your cashflows and calculations are managed within your accounting solution. You now have the permissions, structures, sign-offs, audit history and automation of the history of the posting of your transactions, secured – all without a black-box approach.

With Algorithms then legacy Excel workarounds that were needed to reflect non-standard or inconsistent calculations associated with underlying fund managers or asset classes, can all be done in LemonEdge.

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Liquidity management using LemonEdge Canvas Technology

LemonEdge allows you to take multiple copies of your entire live system instantly using our innovative, intuitive, Canvas technology.  For Fund of funds managers this means you can model the impact of FX changes, or investment/disinvestment decisions and therefore manage the liquidity challenges inherent in the illiquid world of private capital markets, in particular the impact of timings of the drawdown/distribution processes of your underlying funds/managers.  Canvases can also be used as a secure environment for training, workflow management or data ingestion before committing to changes.

Leading edge technology is foundational to every CFOs goal of supporting firm growth without the need to add headcount in direct proportion to AUM.”
Emily Salter

Executive Director, Fund Administration & Operations

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API Integration Baked in

Our rapidly growing tech eco-system

We’re quickly building an eco-system of related technology partnerships, enabling our clients to easily connect their existing data sources to LemonEdge.

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See the future of fund accounting

Just some of what we’re excited to show you:

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Collate data from any source with intuitive tools.
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Eliminate multiple-entry bookkeeping.
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Create fund structures in minutes.
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Instant scenario analysis across your portfolio.
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Search and report on any data point.
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Interrogate real-time General Ledgers.
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Integrate custom calculations and waterfalls.

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A proven alternative to legacy systems

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"LemonEdge has proven market-leading capabilities that will enable the continuing evolution of our operations to become agile, efficient and able to add further value to our investors.”

Guillaume de Malliard, COO and Partner at Astorg Group

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Our consulting partners

LemonEdge appointed by Astorg Group S.à r.l, Luxembourg, as their end-to-end fund accounting solution

January 17, 2023
Jamie Nascimento

Frequently asked questions

Can LemonEdge support any asset class, including cash, in a Fund of funds structure?

Yes, the advanced design of the LemonEdge data structures means that the characteristics of any asset class can be reflected in the structure of a FoF as required, with a cash-class pseudo fund able to be configured for the same reasons.

Similarly, LemonEdge can also support open-ended or hybrid funds alongside the closed-ended funds typically seen in private capital markets FoF structures.

Can the details of the underlying fund managers, including any associated service providers, be managed on the system?

Yes, all required supplementary information associated with an underlying investment fund or manager or service provider can easily be configured, either by LemonEdge or by you through the user-friendly customisation tools.

Can LemonEdge produce consolidated reports of expected cashflows over time across the whole FoF structure?

Yes, the comprehensive on-board reporting capabilities mean that either LemonEdge or you can write custom reports as required.

Furthermore, the reports can be designed to run automatically either at specific frequencies, or crucially, when cash or currency thresholds are being threatened. This means you will no longer be caught unexpectedly short (or long) on any currency or cash position.

In addition, the LemonEdge ‘Canvas’ capability means that future scenarios of any nature can be modelled to further support your liquidity management processes.

Can the cashflows to/from banking systems be automated?

Our API is capable of connecting to any API-enabled system, including banking systems.  Interfaces from banking systems can be built to automate the management of distributions or banking charges received.  Similarly, interfaces to banking systems can be built to automate the processing of drawdowns/calls or other payments.

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