Enterprise Data Tools

Our Enterprise Data Tools are built to simplify access to your data and insights.

The latest advanced business integration, productivity, workflow, data modelling, reporting and control features built to enterprise-grade as part of the core offering. Everything you’ve built on the LemonEdge platform automatically incorporates these professional functions out of the box. All these tools sit on top of our API and Open Architecture providing you with an unparalleled ability to personalise them to your solution.

Digital cyberspace with particles and Digital data network connections concept.


The Canvas is a core revolutionary concept of the LemonEdge platform that enables you to create an entire copy of your system in an instant. Each Canvas is fully isolated from the other and the main system itself. You can create as many as you like to facilitate modelling, scenarios, what-if analysis, importing, testing, training and many more, all directly as part of our radical Canvas solution.

Usable History

Usable history is about more than simply providing a complete audit trail that can’t be bypassed through the API, Importing, 3rd Party Interfaces, or any other means. It’s about taking that data and giving it new life by exposing it to the user in meaningful and useful ways; such as enabling side-by-side comparisons, locked as-of data calculations, or even running the entire system as-of any prior point in time.


Workflow is critical to ensuring your business processes are followed the way you want them to be. Our suite of workflow tools works seamlessly together to make certain you can replicate those processes within our platform increasing your efficiency while maintaining security and compliance.

Office Integration

MS Office integration is critical for any enterprise solution. Users need to be able to manipulate vast sets of data in Excel, perform checks, analysis, etc., and then import any changes back into the system. LemonEdge easily integrates with MS Office and exposes that functionality with users everywhere so they can work the way they want to and are familiar with, where appropriate.

Analysis and Reporting

Being able to simply, completely, and powerfully analyse your data is critical to any enterprise solution. Our platform has a suite of easy to use and powerful tools to query your data including, but not limited to, Datasets, Pivots, Charts, Venn Sets, Grouped Sets, GL Rollups, SQL Wrappers, and MS Office, 3rd party and professional reporting integration.

Formula Engine

Any enterprise-grade software solution has many areas that benefit from custom user configuration. We provide the ability to configure these areas, such as validation, parameters, view layouts, etc., using easy Excel like formulas for conditional logic. This opens up the power, flexibility and speed of the system to business consultants and implementation teams without having to rely on development support. Click here to read more about our Formula Engine.