State-of-the-art fund administration software

LemonEdge is the state-of-the-art fund administration software that enables administrators and asset servicers to manage multiple clients, asset types and structures without being impacted by the limitations of traditional systems.

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We've solved the problems of the past

Manage rapid growth and increasing complexity  

The increase in client opportunities is driving demand, and without operational technology or process changes, a growing team of operators and fund accountants is needed to deliver the high level of service clients expect. The global shortage of resources, particularly accounting teams, has aggravated this challenge further, leading to the development of brute force solutions, such as offshoring or co-sourcing, from various players in the market. However, those approaches give rise to other challenges, such as managing disparate teams, working in multiple time zones, in multiple languages, with multiple cultures and more.

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Comprehensive fund Administration

Everything you need to manage clients and their investments

Here's some of the key functionality which we believe will solve your challenges:

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Simplify multi-jurisdictional

Configure LemonEdge to fulfil local, regional or supra-national AML/KYC compliance.

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Track and audit everything

Keep track of everything that happens in your system, with our comprehensive, time-stamped auditing.

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Model your clients’ future with Canvases

Instantly take copies of your entire live system and use them to scenario plan and model.

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White label investor portal

Provide the investors at your clients with a real-time, fully customisable view of fund activities.

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Customisable professional reporting

Create ad hoc or scheduled reports and distribute them directly from the system.

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Connect data sources

Make LemonEdge the centre of your data model, and put all your data to work.

See the future of fund administration

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one system for any client type

Seamless management of numerous clients

Our sophisticated database, access and security model ensures service providers can easily support multiple asset manager clients simultaneously.  To best support multiple clients LemonEdge can also be configured to be client-centric or functionalised according to your or your client’s preferences.

In addition, the LemonEdge ‘safes’ data security model ensures that multi-office service providers can guarantee the complete isolation of the data of their clients.

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Free of limitations

Flexible asset class — any client type

Our cutting-edge transaction engine supports the accounting requirements of any asset class from vanilla out-of-the-box private equity to venture capital, real estate, infrastructure, et al.  That sophistication, in a single platform, for all your clients, is one of the key benefits of the next-gen LemonEdge design, as you no longer need multiple systems for different asset or client types.

No bending, bodging or workarounds required

The flexibility of LemonEdge means that service providers can meet the expectations of their clients with their increasingly complex or bespoke structures.  Having a single system which supports closed-ended entities as well as hybrid open-ended entities (including those with hedge-style characteristics) means there is no need for offline Excel workarounds or bending of existing systems to meet client needs.

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Cloud-Native — Locally Hosted

We believe data is the future, and you should have direct access at all times.

LemonEdge is a fully cloud-native, API based architecture, providing a rich environment all within the confines of a system deployed on your in-house servers, or in your secure Azure or AWS environment. The LemonEdge approach delivers a best-of-both worlds of cloud performance, security and localization of data for jurisdictional reasons, with a locally-based application for ease of use. We eliminate the issues associated with multi-tenant ‘cloud’ or SaaS solutions, ensuring your integrated API connectivity is managed by your own IT teams with our support.

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Excel spreadsheets slow down operations

Excel provides ease of use and transparency of calculations managed as offline processes for a variety of reasons. However, we all know the risks associated with lack of permission, auditing and version control.

Algorithms is our proprietary technology, which finally solves the problem of needing to create high-risk offline Excel processes. The data for your calculations is automatically pulled from the database, processed with your visible calculations and the outputs pushed back into the system as data. All with full permissions, controls and without the need for a black box.

Results can be exported to share with clients for transparency.

Use cases for Algorithms include bespoke performance calculations, waterfall calculations, or further the GP allocations for your clients.

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Easy data transfer with an API

Automate data flow to and from LemonEdge with any other system or data source with our comprehensive and encrypted API toolkit.  Avoid manual entry of data, to create an efficient, effective, automated single source of truth across your operational eco-system.  With LemonEdge APIs data can be posted direct to clients’ data warehouses, or third party accounting solutions for a shadow process.

Read more:

Data Integration

Operate multiple GL types in parallel

The ability to manage multiple GL types, including parallel GLs (e.g. IFRS with local GAAP), is provided out-of-the-box with LemonEdge, so service providers can support their clients’ global or local accounting needs, as well as financial statement production, across multiple onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

See the future of fund accounting

Just some of what we’re excited to show you:

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Collate data from any source with intuitive tools.
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Eliminate multiple-entry bookkeeping.
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Create fund structures in minutes.
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Instant scenario analysis across your portfolio.
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Search and report on any data point.
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Interrogate real-time General Ledgers.
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Integrate custom calculations and waterfalls.

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A proven alternative to legacy systems

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"LemonEdge has proven market-leading capabilities that will enable the continuing evolution of our operations to become agile, efficient and able to add further value to our investors.”

Guillaume de Malliard, COO and Partner at Astorg Group

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API Integration Baked in

Our rapidly growing tech eco-system

We’re quickly building an eco-system of related technology partnerships, enabling our clients to easily connect their existing data sources to LemonEdge.

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Our consulting partners

ROYC and LemonEdge sign strategic partnership

February 20, 2024
Jamie Nascimento
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Frequently asked questions

What can your API connect to?

The LemonEdge API has been built from the ground up to interface with other complementary systems or databases, in either direction, using standardised technology.Typical examples include feeds such as those for prices, FX rates, banking transactions, or, to Front/Middle office, CRM and data warehouses.

How can LemonEdge help with AML/KYC compliance?

With LemonEdge, the AML/KYC compliance requirements associated with the multiple jurisdictions of the investors in complex fund structures can be designed to ensure a single coherent AML/KYC process.

With that approach local, regional, or supra-national AML/KYC specifics then do not lead to umpteen offline Excel workarounds (for example to support multiple investor currency streams, investor types or classes, or investment locations).

What are some use cases for LemonEdge Canvases for fund admins?

As the LemonEdge ‘Canvas’ technology allows you to instantly make multiple copies of your entire live system, then scenarios your clients might what modelled out can be prepared, in full, ahead of receiving client instructions (for example around investment/disinvestment decisions, FX movements, accounting treatments, etc).  Having this capability then consigns to history the stress of undertaking extensive complex calculations or accounting treatments at the 11th hour.

What are the benefits of the LemonEdge investor portal?

After so many cases in the private equity industry of traditional email being hacked to access sensitive financial information, asset managers are now seeing the benefits of communicating with their investors using a secure dedicated investor portal.

The LemonEdge integrated portal, built using the same technology by the same developers as the main LemonEdge private equity system, is a value-add proposition you can offer your clients as part of broadening your overall offering.

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