Next-gen private equity fund accounting software

LemonEdge is the next-generation private equity fund accounting software that enables firms to manage complexity and scalability through the automation of end-to-end processes.

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The challenges facing private equity firms  

Today’s managers need to balance the drive for operational efficiency while coping with increasingly complex deals and fund structures. They also need to integrate with a growing range of data sources all while battling the impact of inflation driving up costs; it can therefore be a challenge to scale.

Scale your operational functions with LemonEdge

Here are just some of the ways our fund accounting software can help you scale:

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The ultimate General Ledger

A full event-based partnership accounting system, supporting lot-level multi-currency, multi-ledger charts of accounts.

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Manage structures – not just entities

Real-time full fund structure transactional processing and look-through.

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Customisable professional reporting

Automate ILPAs, investor financials and custom reporting.

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Seamless investor engagement

High performant, user-friendly integrated investor portal.

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Automate Carry Calculations

Unlimited flexibility for complex carry calculations.

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Multi-asset class in one place

Equity, credit, real estate, infrastructure.

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Hybrid and Closed fund structures

Closed-ended, open-ended/hybrid fund structures and entities in one system.

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Track and audit everything

All actions, including for Excel brought inside the system, all fully audited then time-stamped.

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Deploy in your private cloud

Locally deployed cloud infrastructure.

See the future of fund accounting

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Out-of-the-box into the future

A modern accounting engine at the heart of business operations

We deliver an end-to-end accounting solution using a range of innovative functionality, from event-driven transactions and multi-ledger management to consolidations, process automation, reporting and our investor portal.

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Do away with work-around allocation processes

Our unique allocation technology solves many of the issues private equity firms encounter. It removes artificial rectification processes such as ‘equity pick-up’, delivers full look-through capabilities, improves operational workflow and transactional flexibility and reduces long processing times for partner transfers to mere seconds. Our paths and rules unite the whole fund in a dynamic and powerful combination.

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Bring your complex Excel calculations into LemonEdge

Algorithms is our proprietary spreadsheet technology, which eliminates the need to create high-risk offline Excel processes.  Reduce your data security, audit compliance and workflow headaches by bringing all your existing Excel calculations into Algorithms. Work with real-time data from your LemonEdge database, undertake those same calculations, then securely and automatically save the results all within the confines of the system. Use cases range from managing Carry, Management Fees and Hedging calculations to complex performance calculations and reconciliations.

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Connect to any data source via our API

Automate data flow between LemonEdge and other applications or data sources with our comprehensive API toolkit.  Avoid the re-keying of data or repeating mundane high-frequency manual flows of data and create an efficient, effective, automated single source of truth across the entire data model of your business.

“LemonEdge is a true Next Generation Platform for Private Equity and Investment Banking. State-of-the-art”

Marco Santos
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API Integration Baked in

Our rapidly growing tech eco-system

We’re quickly building an eco-system of related technology partnerships, enabling our clients to easily connect their existing data sources to LemonEdge.

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Our consulting partners

See the future of fund accounting

Just some of what we’re excited to show you:

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Collate data from any source with intuitive tools.
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Eliminate multiple-entry bookkeeping.
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Create fund structures in minutes.
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Instant scenario analysis across your portfolio.
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Search and report on any data point.
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Interrogate real-time General Ledgers.
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Integrate custom calculations and waterfalls.

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A proven alternative to legacy systems

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"LemonEdge has proven market-leading capabilities that will enable the continuing evolution of our operations to become agile, efficient and able to add further value to our investors.”

Guillaume de Malliard, COO and Partner at Astorg Group

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ROYC and LemonEdge sign strategic partnership

February 20, 2024
Jamie Nascimento
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Frequently asked questions

What are the LemonEdge USPs for a private equity firm?

The fully generalised, dynamic accounting allocation path functionality is at the heart of the LemonEdge USPs. It is a unique approach which ensures the well-known workaround issues of the legacy systems (such as the equity pickup processes) or performance issues (such as when processing transfers) have been engineered out by design. Other USPs highly relevant to private equity include the unique Algorithms technology which finally solves the risk issues associated with offline excel workarounds, by bringing them into the secure, audited, managed LemonEdge platform.  

Which private equity firms are already moving to LemonEdge?

While some of our clients have policies preventing them from sharing their names, others are able to do so including Astorg, Fairway and Sycamore Partners

How long does a typical implementation take for a private equity firm?

There is no single answer to this question we find our implementation process are of a similar length to the market standard with more delivered in this time frame, as managers are able to automate a greater range of their processes.

The actual duration is impacted through the volume/complexity of funds to be migrated, where they are being migrated from, the resourcing profile of the implementation team, the number/complexity of interfaces to other systems.

The LemonEdge implementation team will share a proposal  as part of the overall engagement process.

Can LemonEdge manage bespoke complex processes such as: investor equalisations, waterfall distributions, carry calculations?

Yes, the LemonEdge Algorithms is the ultimate solution to process any complex calculation. It ensures those traditional offline Excel solutions can be securely brought into the LemonEdge platform and then tightly managed with a full audit trail.

Can LemonEdge support consolidations?

Yes, our accounting engine is fully comprehensive hence can not only consolidate up across complex, multi-level structures, but also manage required eliminations, while also supporting any required accounting methodology, including multiple parallel chart of accounts, such as IFRS with local GAAP.

How does LemonEdge support Investor reporting?

LemonEdge has multiple solutions for supporting investor reporting including: the fully integrated secure LemonEdge portal, or by using the LemonEdge API to feed the reporting platforms at investor institutions or their advisors. Reporting can also be downloaded from LemonEdge and shared through your secure channels.

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