LemonEdge API

Your solutions are only as powerful as the personalised nature from which they can be crafted.

Through unrestricted coding directly into our Open API, you are guaranteed the flexibility and power required in your software. With over 60% of the platform created using its own API, we have developed from the inside out, giving you the confidence you can address your needs through the same API.

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All your developed code remains in your complete ownership with full rights and control. Ensuring longer term value, efficiency and longevity.

Our core values

Investing time to create, or configure, solutions results in important and valuable IP. Often this time and investment is locked into propriety systems, which keeps your value locked too. We believe in ensuring you have complete ownership of your unique IP, this remains only in your possession and you have full control to develop them as you require.


You have full ownership of your solution, and it’s value is retained in your organisation enabling you to use it in the future however you like. The LemonEdge API is designed to be agnostic of system, providing you the simplicity of development with the portable through minimal changes, into any future applications you choose to use. We’d love you to stay, if you would like too.


At LemonEdge we believe your work is not only a valuable asset to yourselves, it distinguishes you in the market and helps make your offering unique. It’s valuable to your competitors, and you should ensure they don’t benefit from your work. By using the LemonEdge platform you’re ensured full rights to your unique IP solutions. Through the development of your own solutions, rather than customising off the shelf products, this always remains your property. Rather than seeing this generalised for a broader market.


You have full control over every aspect of the LemonEdge platform. We have created a fully flexible environment, which you can adapt as you require whilst benefiting from existing functionality.

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Control every part of your solutions

Our API has 3 unique elements dedicated to your full control of the platform; Design API, Context API, and UI API – combined you can control every aspect of your personal solution.

Design API

The LemonEdge platform is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you; automatically handling the backend database, services, and tools. Through the API you can access all these components at a granular level should you require.

  • The LemonEdge.API. automatically writes your classes.
  • The database is automatically upgraded and maintained as you change your entities in your code.
  • The web service is automatically updating its rest/odata interface to permit full access (while adhering to your permissions) to your entities. You can write any code you desire against the fully functioning web service to interface with your data.

Context API

A generic API allowing you to manipulate all your entities. You can query them, create, update, and delete all through the same context working transparently whether connecting through the web service or directly to the database.

  • Common context has generic IQuerable implementation to fully query/filter and retrieve sets of your data.
  • Same interface works whether client is connected through Web Service or directly to the database.
  • Tracks inserts, updates and deletes.
  • All your custom business logic can be written to work against this simple interface, and it will run correctly on the client, or back end task servers.
  • Saves run custom validation logic, computations and commits within single isolated transaction ensuring data consistency.


Quickly and simply create views, grids, layouts, commands and other elements all within the LemonEdge framework. These assets work seamlessly across all the LemonEdge clients without you having to do anything different for different client apps.

  • 3 clients for users to connect with;
  • Windows Only App
  • Universal App – runs on Windows, Linux, Macs.
  • Console App – admin command line console Web – Coming soon.
  • You can still create your own views and hook into the UI API to show custom controls/etc.

An Example Development Process

Combined the complete LemonEdge API accelerates your typical development time by orders of magnitude. the API itself provides a lot more functionality, but the below gives an illustration of comparisons against common tasks when writing code to develop a widget on internal systems. Our API is specifically designed to allow you to concentrate on your unique IP – creating your data structure (the Widget and related data entities), and your algorithms associated with them. The system takes care of everything else including, but not limited to, back end design, web services, front end ui, importing/exporting, permissions, sandboxing, etc.

Taking a simple example of creating a Widget (entity) class, that we’d like to see a grid of widgets, open and edit them, the LemonEdge API provides but is not limited to, the following example.