Software that evolves with your business

Customise LemonEdge to meet your needs today and into the future. Quickly and easily create new fields, screens, reports, and processes, or integrate existing Excel calculations into your environment (you can even use any pre-existing proprietary code).

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Your needs will change — your software should too

Out-of-the-box, LemonEdge will cover most of your firm’s accounting, management and reporting requirements, but it’s the non-standard things that make you different from the rest. LemonEdge is built to adapt, we don't apply limits to customisations, so you’re free to tune it, to your specific needs.

The benefits of customisation

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A clutter-free view

Customise the screens within LemonEdge, to hide the things you don’t use, and give priority to everything you do want to see.

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Bespoke reporting

Create bespoke reports, that draw on data from across your LemonEdge solution, including third-party sources.

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Live spreadsheets

Move your offline spreadsheets into LemonEdge, work with real-time data, in an audited and secure environment.

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Existing code

Import your existing VB, SQL and other code or scripts into LemonEdge to maximise your existing assets.

Your data your view

Within LemonEdge, we don’t limit you to a prescribed number of user defined fields (UDFs), or where in the system they can be used. You can create any type of field, including document fields and deploy them throughout the system, so you can record all the information you need, in the way you need it, and in the place that makes most sense. User defined fields instantly become part of your system, and can be used for reporting, data querying and audit logging. It’s your system – let’s get all views aligned.

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See clearly

De-clutter and create bespoke reports

Any screens or report in LemonEdge can be customised through the user-friendly on-board editors. This means you can tailor the look’n’feel of the out-of-the-box version of the system to create a user experience aligned to your specific needs or preferences.

Importing offline Excel or code

LemonEdge Algorithms allows you to import all your offline Excel spreadsheets, so they become fully integrated parts of your fund accounting system. Similarly, any offline or 3rd party code (that is compatible with the extremely widely used Microsoft .net framework) can be imported and incorporated into your LemonEdge instance.

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See the future of fund accounting

Just some of what we’re excited to show you:

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Collate data from any source with intuitive tools.
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Eliminate multiple-entry bookkeeping.
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Create fund structures in minutes.
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Instant scenario analysis across your portfolio.
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Search and report on any data point.
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Interrogate real-time General Ledgers.
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Integrate custom calculations and waterfalls.

Tell us about you and your firm, and we’ll come straight back to you to schedule a personalised demo.

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A proven alternative to legacy systems

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"LemonEdge has proven market-leading capabilities that will enable the continuing evolution of our operations to become agile, efficient and able to add further value to our investors.”

Guillaume de Malliard, COO and Partner at Astorg Group

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ROYC and LemonEdge sign strategic partnership

February 20, 2024
Jamie Nascimento
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