Enforce your business, teams and compliance processes. Simply.

How you process your data is as important as the data itself. These are often unique to your business and as such a competitive advantage. Through the LemonEdge Workflow functionality, you can build intuitive, quick, and powerful processes that automatically takes users through the business processes you would like enforced within your organisational structure. Assured it will happen. Every time.

Business process and workflow automation with flowchart, businesswoman in background

The sum is greater than the parts

The LemonEdge Workflow is a large functional area that covers several key abilities. At its core workflow revolves around being able to assign work to users/teams/roles, tracking conversations and documents as items move through different stages, and of course, surfacing tasks/items assigned to uses so they can see what is waiting on their actions. By combining all these functions, you can build an intuitive, quick, and powerful workflow process that automatically takes users through the business processes you would like enforced within your organisational structure.

Useful everywhere

By structuring the functionality as individual modules that seamlessly integrate the LemonEdge platform makes available all this useful functionality to just be dropped into any other relevant part of your system – not just workflow specific stages.

The LemonEdge WorkFlow

To this end we have a set of functionalities that enables all these moving parts to work seamlessly together and customise your workflow:

1. Tags

All items can have custom tags set against them enabling easier grouping, querying, and searching for related data.

2. Documents

Our document management functionality allows you to store documents against any item in the system ensuring they can be integrated and stored against your workflow processes. Thanks to our core platform all your documents are automatically versioned due to our Usable History functionality.

3. Relationships

The LemonEdge platform is aware of all relationships in the system and surfaces that information to you through our quick and easy to use Relationships view.

4. Triggers

Custom triggers can be set up in the system allowing Actions automatically to be taken whenever specified conditions are met against changes on any item in the system. As always this is enforced whether data is changed via upload, our API or web service.


Comments, with priorities, can be added against anything in the system ensuring there’s a record of why certain actions were, or were not, taken during the business processes.

6. Tasks

Any number of tasks can be created against any item in the system and can be assigned to users/roles/teams. Like every other part of the system, the platform is accessible to it, so comments and documents can be stored against tasks themselves.

Data Analysis and Tasks

Using our simple and intuitive querying tools (See Data Analysis for more information) you can easily create queries representing tasks, work items, or different stages of your workflow process. Drag+drop them onto users' homepages to make sure they are always visible. Equally, they can be integrated into notifications so users can automatically be notified of items when they require their attention