Formula Engine

Powerful, Fast and Easy Configuration

LemonEdge includes a fully functional formula engine throughout the platform enabling the power, flexibility and speed of the system to be configured by business consultants and implementation teams. Advanced customisation to your requirements

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A tool, everyone can use

By providing an advanced formula engine that has context sensitivity and can hook into our API we ensure you always can perform advanced customisation throughout the entire product. Building on the ability for users to drag and drop to create their own queries for data, you can combine that by calling those queries using our functions in the formula engine – thus ensuring you can always get the values you want into your formulas, calculations and algorithms.

As with all functionality in LemonEdge, we want to ensure the capability is accessible everywhere throughout the platform, and provides the full range of capabilities you would expect. Thanks to this being .Net scripting, anyone who has slight familiarity with Excel functions can use the formula engine. There’s no proprietary scripting language to learn, making the whole process transparent, quick and more powerful.

Your formulas can be written in c#, and thus leverage all the syntax, validation and power of .Net.

Validation rules

Mark entities and their properties when you’re designing them using our API or Auto Code Designers, with customised validation rules.


Whether or not views are visible can be specified by formulas.

Default Values and Formulas

Embed your default values or formulas into any item.

Custom Parameters

All custom parameters you create can have values determined, or evaluated, by the formula engine.

Trigger Gates

Formulas used as conditional gates evaluating whether or not the associated action should be processed given the current state.


Default values for parameters to be used against a SQL query can be hardcoded, or evaluated by formulas to provide a default value.