Usable History

Automatic auditing for the entire system, all the time.

Our history; the choices made, the decisions taken and the changes made all play a vital role in knowing our state today. The LemonEdge Usable History provides a complete suite of auditing functionality so you can learn from the history of your data enabling you to do more. A core part of the platform, all changes are captured and enables you to revisit any point in your past.

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All Your History In One Place

Our auditing tool is built into the core of the system. This ensures every change, even any permission changes are recorded. No missing gaps in your history. Giving you access to any point in your history. Instantly.

Every point in your past - accessible in moments

Underlying the LemonEdge platform is the Usable History, a new way of maximising the value of auditing for your business. Every action, change or process is captured in one place. With full accessibility, you can revisit any point in your past.

  • A quarter-end report from six months ago? Go back and run your system as was at that point in time.
  • Do you need to compare year on year changes at a granular level across the entire system? Bring up any point last year as a side by side comparison.

Then run a report, share the impact. Learn, improve, build on your success.

History. Side by Side.

Choose any item in your database and see the audit history of every change in a searchable grid. Choose any point in the past and open a copy, with side by side comparison in their actual context.

As-Of Reports

All reports can be run as-of a prior point in the past. We often need to understand the underlying data which contributed to a report, often months previous, However, the scale of the inputs can be too numerous to capture. Usable History solves this issue. Run any report, at any point in the past, on any item and you can access the entire database as of that moment, Transparency at an instant.

As-Of Calculations

Calculations, including any custom algorithms using our API, can all be run entirely in a context as-of a prior point in time. This allows operations to be run locked as-of a prior date meaning you can work on items without worrying about any changes being made by other teams (or automated imports) anywhere else in the system impacting your work. It’s isolated as-of that prior point in time. When you’re ready you can always move that line forward to incorporate more changes or remove it all together.

As-Of Canvas

Canvases (See Canvas for further details) our powerful modelling, forecasting and analysis tool, can also be locked into seeing the system as-of a prior point in time instead of always the latest+Canvas changes.

Interested to know how we can access the past?

Drop us a quick note and we can show you how you’ll never have to guess what happened in your past ever again.