Core Transaction Processor

Consistent, configurable, valid and reportable

The Transaction Processor is the core of our Financial Services Engine, it handles the logic for processing all transactions, allows complete customisation, and permits you to interact with it through our API.

One processor for all your transactions

The Transaction Processor is responsible for handling the core logic around transactions, General Ledger entries, partnership accounting allocation, financial periods, cancel/corrects, security, multiple currencies, child transactions, and custom integrated code. Combined with our comprehensive configuration and API integration you always can easily customise the processor behaviour or take advanced granular control. It’s often the case that you have an existing accounting/GL system in place and this is designed to easily match that systems exact configuration and sit on top of it (using our Data Integration), or to be a stand-alone General Ledger system in its own right. Either way the Transaction Processor supports your setup.

Take control of the behaviour and the automation

Determine how the processor manages your financial records, automate key processes and ensure certain behaviours are always in place.


The Transaction Processor automatically handles the following functionality:

  • Determines the financial period depending on the transaction owning entity and the transaction date
  • Determines the local and functional currency from the owning entity and instrument
  • Full partnership accounting system, as such *all* transactions are ultimately allocated to owning entities (partners). Depending on the Transaction Code configuration, the processor handles this according to different configurable rules.
  • For each Transaction record the processor creates the appropriate configured GL entries.
  • Responsible for enforcing the state consistency of all transactions, enforcing 4-eye authentication, and processing cancels and cancel/corrects automatically.


The Transaction Processor can always be configured through our API. You can create any esoteric transactions of your own and inherit all the processing functionality of our Transaction Processor. The automation can also be configured through the following mechanisms:

  • Transaction Types and Values can be configured for what Transactions can record
  • Transaction Codes:
  • Units, Price, Settlement Date are fields that are visible
  • If any GL entries are to be created, and if they should be automatically calculated, manual or automatic with user overriding
  • Custom settings if transactions can be modified by the user.
  • Custom settings through our API
  • Default ledger for the transaction
  • Automatic GL entries to create for this transaction
  • If allocation records are required instead of a path, and if so if they should be automatically created only through percentage allocations, or automatic with overrides, or allowing new manual allocation records.