Data Analysis and Reporting

Your data. The way you want

At LemonEdge we believe if you can’t easily get the data out of the system the way you want to then really the platform is useless to you. We want you to work with your data however you want, and whatever you want to do there are tools to help you achieve that with LemonEdge.

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The power is in your hands

Working with your data, however you want to be able to, is critical to extracting real value out of your software solutions. With LemonEdge we ensure you can achieve all the following:

  • Query - Unrestricted access to your underlying data in the system however you like - including specific functionality for General Ledgers.
  • Analyse - Standard pivot tables, to complex combinations of individual queries for advanced analysis.
  • Present - Where you need to see it most. In our platform, Office tools, professional third party providers. The choice is yours.

Our suite of tools help you easily turn, all your data, with no restrictions into the visual outputs your team require.

Working with your preferred partners

We understand there are specialist 3rd party providers which are often critical to the existing set up in your business. We want to ensure you can integrate your existing partners directly into the platform. Our integration tools ensure you can interface with 3rd party systems to provide them your data anyway they require.

Query Your Data

Our query tools make sure you can easily get to everything, while still providing
the ability to drop in to custom SQL and having that integrate seamlessly:

Data Retrieval

Our combined tools of SQL Wrappers and Data Sets enable you to query any and all data in the system, including the following:

  • All entities and all their properties
  • All audit history of the entities and their properties
  • Existing queries to create multi-step data analysis.
  • Automatically understands the relationships of items you’re querying allowing you to easily join data together

Queries can be created in a manner that is compatible with importing the data back in. This allows results to be exported to Excel, modified and imported back into the system

GL Rollup

A data query tool specific for the financial services, is our General Ledger Roll Up.

Consolidate GL entries across a specific GL account classification type. Results include structure, order and hierarchy for each level of data. Can be easily pivoted according to whatever needs:

  • Period end, opening balance, transfer in/out, adjustment, or opening balance transfer in/out
  • Each summary can have multiple summaries as children and aggregate all child summaries.


Once you’ve extracted your data, we provide a further suite of tools designed to layer on any data manipulation to gain better insights.

Venn Sets

Once you’ve extracted the data, our Venn Sets quickly enables you to further make comparisons between your data. Merging 2 or more queries into one output, dependent on the approach you need to take.

You can choose merging operator for each query set:

  • Union
  • Union All
  • Except
  • Intersect

Grouped Sets

Do your queries need to be run in a particular order, or combined in a certain manner and one result presented. Use Grouped Sets. Our Grouped Sets allows you to process 2 or more disparate queries together in your specific order, and the results are returned as an individual dataset.

Pivot Tables

Allows you to take any query and pivot the data however you require.

  • Data Filtering
  • Pivot Row Labels
  • Column Row Labels
  • Aggregate Values

There are a host of formatting, sorting and other options

Data Runs

Do you have multiple identical pieces of analysis, which you could just synchronise to run concurrently? Use Data Runs. Automatically set up your queries to work on multiple data sets.


The presentation layer is responsible for taking any query and displaying that to the end user in various useful formats and integrations:

Grids, Pivots & Charts

Your easily created data analysis can be contextually provided to users throughout the entire system wherever it is appropriate for them to see it

  • Grids can automatically display the results of any query;
  • Pivots display the results in a specified format (see pivots above)
  • Charts use a pivot to visually display the values according to your design.


All results sets can be exported to Excel and word

  • Excel templates
  • Live Excel

Our Excel Add-in you can also pull data from LemonEdge using Excel functions in your formulas. See Full Office Integration for further information.

Professional Reports

We integrate with professional reporting systems using two approaches;

  • Reporting systems pulling data From LemonEdge
  • Allowing 3rd party reporting systems to use our service as a data source, including our query tool