How we find the best developers

How we find the best developers to move LemonEdge forward

Finding the right developers for our organisation isn’t just about assessing skills, it’s about attitude. Let’s find out more.

Prathamesh Pharande
November 18, 2021
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Finding the right developers for our organisation isn’t just about assessing skills, it’s about attitude. Let’s find out more.

It is always important to find the right people for a business. At LemonEdge, we’re at an extremely important stage of growth, and the cost of hiring the wrong people could be devastating. To make sure we get our hiring right, we created a multi-stage recruitment process - from evaluating CVs to interviews and beyond. Each stage is critical in helping us hire the right candidate for the role.

Each job category has its own unique stages in our process, where we evaluate specialist skills. When it comes to bringing in engineers and developers to build our product, these stages are essential. Like many tech companies, we use coding tests to assess a developer’s programming skills and knowledge of coding languages.

Once we’ve received and screened CVs, we send coding tests to successful candidates who match the job profile. If they pass the test, we’ll then invite them to a virtual interview.

The LemonEdge recruitment process

At LemonEdge, the tech recruitment process comprises three stages.

Stage 1 - The coding test

The test that we created at LemonEdge does not require specific library knowledge or any particular language. Instead, we leave it up to the developer – we want to see their development processes and how strictly they follow best practice.

The test takes between 2 and 3 hours - and you’ll get to show your coding skills, display your technical knowledge as you work on a problem, and demonstrate design best practices.

Stage 2 - Code review

If you pass the test, we’ll sit down together and talk through your code. This is also an opportunity to get to know the people you’ll likely be working with.

Stage 3 - Meet the team

Finally, you’ll meet the rest of the LemonEdge team, so you (and us) can make sure you’ll fit in with the company culture. We want you to be happy working at LemonEdge - and we want to enjoy working with you.

Why we like coding tests

The primary reason why we ask developer candidates to take a coding test is to make sure we find people with the right skill set. We want strong developers (regardless of experience) who can demonstrate an aptitude to learn, clarity of thought, and desire to work at a fast-paced startup. A coding test is a more effective tool for assessing these qualities than a simple CV review. We’ve found the tests provide an all-important snapshot of current ability and understanding of design principles.

A worthwhile time investment

The LemonEdge developers’ coding test should take around 3 hours to complete, which we realise is a big time commitment. However, we hope candidates will understand that it’s a worthwhile investment.

We intentionally pose a problem that anyone can understand, unrelated to our business domain. Our respondents consistently enjoy the process and, in doing so, demonstrate their attitude and aptitude - a key step showing you have the right spirit to be part of our LemonEdge team.

At the end of the day, it’s only 2-3 hours - and those hours could make a big difference to your career.

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