Integrated Test Suites

Technology moves quickly. We’ll make sure you can have access to keep ahead. Safely.

We understand the risks involved with any changes in your software, even version updates. LemonEdge is about giving you confidence in our platform on each release, ensuring you can always benefit from the latest enhancements as the platform evolves with your organisation. We’ve built processes into the platform to run thousands of tests at the click of a button.

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Providing you with the tools to validate any changes.

Test, test and then test it all again

Testing is important to know with confidence that new releases of our platform still work the way you want them to. Especially considering your algorithms, and personal solution will be running on our platform. As such we provide two main ways of ensuring all the functionality you care about is can be automatically verified with the click of a button on any new release.

Right first time

Our internal test suites utilise import definitions and scripts to test a large number of complex calculations with lots of underlying data and UI interactions. Every time we check in a change or deploy a release, 1000’s of tests are automatically run using this process. This ensures we can make changes with confidence to bring you improvements quickly and efficiently.

Your specific test suite

But most importantly, this functionality simplifies that process and places that power in your hands. You can build up relevant test suites of your critically important solutions and ensure they automatically run on any new release provided by us. Depending on your license agreement, we can take your test suites and incorporate them into our own build processes too. Using a combination of Import Definitions and scripts for the Admin Console you can have a test suite that fully tests every aspect of your solution that you care about. Better yet, as you incrementally evolve your solution, you can expand your base test database to cover those aspects of it too.