LemonEdge joins Lionpoint’s tech armory
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Low-code Platform LemonEdge joins Lionpoint’s tech armory

Lionpoint has announced its strategic partnership with LemonTree, the first low-code development platform for complex data and accounting needs in the financial services sector.
Jamie Nascimento
January 14, 2021

LemonEdge combines the benefits of a software development platform with the specific capability and industry knowledge required for Financial Services across the middle and back office, including alternative asset management, insurance and credit.


As a low code option, it sits between rigid off-the-shelf solutions, and costly fully bespoke builds.

Lionpoint Founder and Executive Director, Jonathan Balkin, is delighted to add LemonEdge as a technology partner, and offer the solution to clients. “LemonEdge provides a compelling alternative to some of the more complex technology vendors for the middle and back office. What we have seen with clients, is the more IT-independent the software solution, the greater its long-term success in a firm.

“This low code, no code technology shift is empowering users with easy-to-use solutions, eliminating the reliance on excel and manual processes, and giving them greater accessibility and control of the technology to best align it to the business’ needs. We’re excited to partner with LemonEdge and add them to our existing suite of low-code solutions.”

Using drag and drop functionality, industry professionals can quickly customize and utilize the built-in suite of tools for fund administration, portfolio management, full accounting, data integration, investor reporting, integrated workflow, scenario analysis and waterfalls. If a more bespoke solution is required though, unrestricted coding is available directly into the platform’s API.

Forecasting hypothetical scenarios and modelling potential outcomes is easy using LemonEdge’s Canvas feature, that allows users to take an instant, full system replication.  

“The Canvas feature is a great tool to play out scenarios, without having to backtrack if something goes wrong. Simply discard the copy, and start again,” said Balkin.

Gareth Hewitt, co-founder and CEO of LemonEdge, said, "We're delighted to start 2021 with a strong partner in Lionpoint who are recognised leaders in providing compelling technology solutions to their clients. Utilising our suite of tools, quickly moulded to clients challenges through their deep-insights and our low-code approach will further empower clients with new technology solutions to existing and future challenges."

Lionpoint prides itself on having deep, hands-on private markets expertise, coupled with implementation partnerships with the leading industry solutions.

About Lionpoint

Lionpoint provides consulting services for private markets organizations, across the front, middle and back office. Core services include strategic advisory, operating model optimization, technology road mapping and solution selection, and systems integration to solve complex operational and technology challenges. Visit us at www.lionpointgroup.com.

About LemonEdge

LemonEdge solves complex financial and data challenges, as the first financial services development platform for back and middle-office technologies. LemonEdge provides the best of both software approaches - the flexibility of a development platform and performance of a market-leading off-the-shelf solution. We help clients do more.

To learn more about LemonEdge: https://www.lemonedge.com/

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