LemonEdge partners with Freyda
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LemonEdge partners with Freyda to expand offering in digitizing private markets globally

LemonEdge partners with Freyda to expand its offering in digitizing private markets globally Utilising AI and deep learning to extract, normalize and connect data from highly complex documents seamlessly into the underlying golden source of accounting data.
Jamie Nascimento
February 17, 2022
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LemonEdge, a modern next-generation platform for managing private markets fund and portfolio accounting, is delighted to have formed a strategic partnership with Freyda, an AI and deep learning platform focused on building technology solutions to digitize private markets globally. The partnership further enables asset managers to automate and modernize their back-office investment management processes.

As the demands, scale and complexity in the private markets escalate, the pressures on the back office are now reaching a critical point. The need to automate processes, with transparent data management is a base requirement to deliver enhanced services to investors, whilst utilizing insights to support portfolio construction, investment decisions and performance monitoring.

The connection between LemonEdge and Freyda enables institutional investors and fund administrators to  automatically pull structured data directly into the underlying golden source of accounting information. The integration supports high-volume, high-complexity data from quarterly reports, PCAP statements and capital call and distribution notices at the fund, vehicle, and underlying asset level.

“Freyda offers asset managers an exciting approach to modernize the manual process of extracting data from static documents,” said Jamie Nascimento, LemonEdge co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer. “Working together, LemonEdge and Freyda, enable the back office team to remove lost hours, through an automated, controlled approach to integrating this data into the LemonEdge platform.”

“LemonEdge is at the forefront of the shift towards modern, integrated accounting solutions for the private capital markets. Through our partnership we are excited to offer clients a scalable, end-to-end solution for their portfolio monitoring and reporting needs ,” remarked Danielle Lawrence, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Freyda.

About LemonEdge

LemonEdge is a next generation platform for managing private markets fund and portfolio accounting. The first modern API based, low-code platform for complex accounting, delivering the performance, complexity, and fast custom requirements demanded by the industry with user experience centerstage. Offering waterfall technology, system integrated Excel calculations, unrestricted scenario planning and investor portal. For further information please visit www.LemonEdge.com

About Freyda

Freyda is a Fintech company building technology solutions to digitize private markets globally. Powered by AI, Freyda helps alternative asset managers and service providers to process unstructured data from documents with greater speed, scale and accuracy. We empower our clients to focus on high-value, high-impact tasks and unlock insights from their data to support data-driven decision making. For more info, visit www.freyda.io


Danielle Lawrence

Co-founder & CEO

Email: Danielle@freyda.io

Jamie Nascimento

London, UK

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