LemonEdge appointed by Kensington Capital Partners
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LemonEdge appointed by Kensington Capital Partners as their front-to-back office accounting solution

LemonEdge appointed by Kensington Capital Partners as their front-to-back office accounting solution The modern, API and low-code accounting platform will be powering the firm’s PE, VC, and Fund of Fund structures alongside an Investor Portal
Jamie Nascimento
London, UK
January 13, 2022

LemonEdge has secured Kensington Capital Partners as a new client to transform their front-to-back office operations. LemonEdge will empower the team to offer more flexibility, real-time investor reporting, and greater operational efficiencies.

The growing requirement by PE and VC firms to have the highest efficiencies, whilst dealing with complexity in an agile manner is becoming more of a prerequisite for staying ahead in the market. In addition, everyone is looking for ways to deliver efficient, accurate content to clients with the goal to ultimately provide the highest level of client service. There is no longer the time to manually process calculations, post multiple transactions, or run separate systems for the end-to-end accounting and middle office.

“Kensington has grown considerably over the last 5 years, with increasing complexity. The ability to efficiently manage our portfolio ensures we will be able to offer the highest level of client service, while empowering the organization with new tools to deliver the best returns.” said Alfred Chuang, CFO, Kensington Capital Partners. “LemonEdge, from the very first session, demonstrated a unique and flexible platform to address many of the issues we face. There was clear alignment at the outset, and we’re excited to have LemonEdge help us deliver value added benefits to our business.”

“We’re delighted to be working with the experienced team at Kensington. Alfred and his team have really led this transition, with their vision for releasing greater value back into the firm.” said Jamie Nascimento, co-founder and chief commercial officer at LemonEdge. “The operational transformation will be significant, Alfred and Kensington are on an exciting path forward”.

About Kensington

Founded in 1996, Kensington Capital Partners Limited is an employee-owned, high-performing alternative investment firm with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Our purpose is to build great businesses, and in doing so, create top-performing financial returns for our investors. As of December 2021, Kensington has assets under management of $2.3 billion, managed across several active funds.


About LemonEdge

LemonEdge is a next-generation platform for managing private markets fund and portfolio accounting. The first modern API-based, low-code platform for complex accounting, delivering the performance, complexity, and fast custom requirements demanded by the industry with user experience center stage. Offering waterfall technology, system integrated Excel calculations, unrestricted scenario planning, and an investor portal. For further information please visit https://www.lemonedge.com


Alfred Chuang, CFO

Kensington Capital Partners

Toronto, Canada,


Jamie Nascimento, co-founder, and chief commercial officer


London, UK


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