LemonEdge and Anduin announce partnership
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LemonEdge and Anduin announce partnership to digitize end-to-end Investor Journey

LemonEdge - the next generation platform for managing private markets fund and portfolio accounting on an API/low-code platform – is pleased to announce a new partnership with Anduin.
Jamie Nascimento
London, UK
July 21, 2022
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Anduin is a platform focused on empowering funds managers with onboarding investors quickly and efficiently into their investment vehicles. Anduin aims to eliminate friction alternative assets traditionally face as a result of complex, manual, error-prone processes and fragmented systems. The company specializes in workflow automation and emphasizes an open architecture model that can integrate with existing client systems and processes. It’s flagship LP onboarding platform has onboarded nearly $25 billion from over 13,000 investors.

This partnership between Anduin and LemonEdge addresses the two critical parts of the investor journey, the subscription process and the ongoing account management and professional reporting. The initial interaction as a part of Anduin’s Fund Subscription allows you to track investor engagement through actionable insights and streamline the subscription process from start to finish. In addition, LemonEdge is an Accounting Engine, critical to the investor, ensuring appropriate fund accounting and reporting.

Together with LemonEdge’s data integration tool, the team is able to reduce manual processes and paperwork. The engagement process will be digitized end-to-end from investor onboarding and subscription through to the LemonEdge Investor Portal for LP documents and professional reports. Bringing further automation and real-time data transfer, ensuring that there is a single source of truth for essential investor information. Critical investor information is well maintained, documented and managed.

CEO Eliot Hodges said, “The entire investment process today is cumbersome and very costly. This is because the process is largely manual and heavily centered on PDF forms. At Anduin, we consumerize this process by providing investors with a streamlined and guided experience that eliminates back-office bottlenecks. LemondEdge shares our vision of enhancing the investor journey, and together we look forward to empowering investors with the tools to accelerate the private markets.”

“Our partnership with Anduin is key for investors to have a modern, digital experience – with real-time, fluid processes of data”, Jamie Nascimento, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer LemonEdge. “As consumers in the retail world, investors expect seamless integration and that same level expectation is now on managers and service providers in the private capital industry. Our combined technologies and capabilities surface this expectation and ensures we can focus on adding value.”

About Anduin

Anduin is revolutionizing the LP onboarding experience for the alt/private markets. Whether engaging your LPs with our richly featured marketing-focused data rooms or providing a secure, collaborative environment to navigate the complex subscription process, connecting LPs with GPs efficiently with accurate data is our obsession.  Our ecosystem has connected over 13,000 investors with over 250 funds, helping raise nearly $25 billion in capital globally.  Check us out at www.anduintransact.com.

About LemonEdge

LemonEdge is a next-generation platform for managing private markets fund and portfolio accounting. The first modern API-based, low-code platform for complex accounting, delivering the performance, complexity, and fast custom requirements demanded by the industry with user experience centerstage. LemonEdge offers waterfall technology, system-integrated Excel calculations, unrestricted scenario planning and an investor portal. For further information, please visit https://www.lemonedge.com


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