Chronograph and LemonEdge announce strategic partnership
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Chronograph and LemonEdge announce strategic partnership to streamline private markets data

Chronograph and LemonEdge announce strategic partnership to streamline private markets data
Jamie Nascimento
New York, NY and London, UK
December 16, 2021

Chronograph, a provider of leading portfolio monitoring technology to institutional private equity and venture capital investors, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with LemonEdge, a next-generation fund, and portfolio accounting solution. The partnership between the two firms will enable clients to streamline front-to-back-office investment operations through the integration of their technology and APIs.

Chronograph’s cloud-based software suite automates portfolio company data collection, valuations, analytics, and reporting for investors. Clients will now be able to integrate this critical investment performance data with the single, end-to-end fund administration and accounting processes they benefit from in LemonEdge’s platform.

Sophisticated portfolio monitoring and accounting tools are now a necessity for high-performing private capital investors. As private markets continue to expand, data needs will only grow more complex. Together, Chronograph and LemonEdge provide investors with automated software solutions that extract and input investment data into the accounting book of record, saving time and improving data integrity.

“Partnering with Chronograph will provide LemonEdge clients an integrated best-in-class portfolio monitoring solution,” said Jamie Nascimento, LemonEdge co-founder, and Chief Commercial Officer. “Utilising specialist technology vendors in one eco-system continues to drive incremental benefits for operational efficiencies and client added value. The great team at Chronograph joins our Partner Program to offer an out-of-the-box connector for the seamless flow of data back into the LemonEdge platform.”

“We are impressed by LemonEdge’s best-in-class accounting software and excited to work together with the LemonEdge team. We believe this partnership will allow clients to save valuable time and expand use cases for valuable data at both the gross and net level.” remarked Charlie Tafoya, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chronograph.

About Chronograph

Chronograph was founded in 2016 to bring differentiated technology solutions to the private capital market. The firm’s products help institutional limited partners and general partners – including many of the world’s largest private equity and venture capital investors – streamline and automate portfolio monitoring, valuations, analytics, and reporting. The firm is backed by The Carlyle Group and Nasdaq, Inc.

For further information please visit https://www.chronograph.pe/.

About LemonEdge

LemonEdge is a next-generation platform for managing private markets fund and portfolio accounting. The first modern API-based, low-code platform for complex accounting, delivering the performance, complexity, and fast custom requirements demanded by the industry with user experience center stage. Offering a fully integrated waterfall technology, custom Excel calculations, and investor portal.

For further information please visit https://www.lemonedge.com


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