73 Strings and LemonEdge announce partnership
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73 Strings and LemonEdge announce partnership to streamline illiquid asset management

73 Strings and LemonEdge announce partnership to streamline illiquid asset management
Jamie Nascimento
August 5, 2022
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73 strings provides advanced monitoring technology and a one of a kind valuation platform for private capital industry for both equity & credit asset class. The system is built by industry experts to streamline processes for analyzing, valuing, monitoring and transacting illiquid assets

An ideal partner for LemonEdge, a modern fund accounting platform, delivering real-time straight-through processing for the LP, fund and GP accounting. The off-the-shelf solution, delivered through cloud-native technology on an API based low-code platform

The growth of portfolios, combined with the increased volatility leading to more focus on valuations and LP engagement places greater pressure on the management community. Dealing with legacy systems, offline spreadsheets, and more ad-hoc requests requires greater automation to ensure firms can continue to scale.

Together LemonEdge and 73 Strings have embarked on a journey to help the private capital industry more efficiently value, monitor and account for their underlying portfolio. Seamlessly moving the data between portfolio monitoring to the accounting for a single source of truth. NAV calculations are front and centre in our clients’ use cases, from reporting to scenario analysis.

“LemonEdge and 73 Strings are similar best-in-class platforms allowing for faster and more efficient workflows”  Lauren Iaslovits (co-founder of Investran and Strategic Advisor) commented “Periodic reporting of investment valuations and investor capital accounts are critical information delivered by GPs. It’s a huge win for a firm if the valuation and accounting modules work together to bring much-needed efficiency and timeliness to the process”.

LemonEdge and 73 Strings’ mutual strategic implementation partners will help deliver these disruptive solutions to our clients.

About 73 Strings:

Founded in 2019, 73 Strings is a technology driven firm focused on providing AI/NLP-based SaaS solutions to optimize financial operations across the investment and lending life cycle. 73 Strings is currently catering to the alternative investment fund industry, and it plans to widen the client segments to corporates, banks and insurance/LPs industries in future.

Contact Press:

Florian Sailer - florian.sailler@73strings.com

Capucine Tavoillot - capucine@73strings.com

About LemonEdge

LemonEdge’s private capital product provides asset managers and administrators with the core infrastructure for fund, portfolio, and LP-level real-time straight through accounting.  The platform has easy-to-use reporting and analysis capabilities, which can seamlessly handle scale and complexity. Clients can quickly integrate 3rd party systems, spreadsheets, and proprietary financial processes via LemonEdge’s low-code platform. This intuitive and highly customisable approach delivers on today's complex requirements for efficient fund management.

LemonEdge is powered by the first and only low-code development platform for the complex accounting demands of financial services. LemonEdge enables businesses to develop or customise solutions 20x faster than traditional approaches.

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Jamie Nascimento: Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer



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