Alternative Asset Management

Introducing a bold new approach for Alternative Asset Management

Tech solutions for Alternative Asset Management have rarely served their purpose. Until now. At LemonEdge, we’re ready to unveil something new. Are you ready?

Jamie Nascimento
September 11, 2020
min read

This month, LemonEdge is launching its new Alternative Asset Management solution, injecting innovation into a fintech sector that has been relatively dormant.

In this article, we’re going to look at why a solution such as this is long overdue. We’re also going to look at some of the benefits Asset Management professionals can gain when they switch away from their legacy solution and come on board with LemonEdge. For a full list of features, click here to visit our site.

The system is broken

For too long, Alternative Asset professionals have had to make do with management software that doesn’t meet their needs. From the start, implementation takes too long, sometimes more than a year. By the time you are using the software, it is already out of date.

Once you’re up and running, your software is only likely to serve around 60% of your needs. If you use third-party data sources, you can forget about seamless integration. But don’t try to switch vendors – if you need anything changed, you’re forced to work with your existing provider, which usually results in higher fees and your ideas being served on a plate to your competitors!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Alternative Asset Managers are trying to navigate their way through a time of unprecedented change. You need to be agile, manage data more transparently and make the right decisions. Now more than ever, you need a software solution that shows you the big picture and gives you total control.

The LemonEdge solution

Finally, there is an alternative to these out-of-touch legacy providers. The newly-launched Alternative Asset Management solution gives industry professionals everything they need to succeed in these challenging times. To get a full rundown of everything our solution offers, please visit our product page, but for now, here are three ways in which LemonEdges innovation can help you manage your portfolio, without having to compromise.

  • Data integration – Your data is an essential asset to your business. You need to be able to manipulate and analyse your data without restriction, including pulling and pushing data between third-party applications. With its simple and powerful interface, LemonEdge’s Alternative Asset Management solution can integrate with any external provider, making sure you always have the information you need.
  • Portfolio management – Situations change quickly. You need to be able to measure your exposure and risk, drawing on all available data, all in one place. The new LemonEdge solution puts you in control, managing your investment structures while tracking every transaction.
  • Scenario analysis – This is where we believe our solution becomes genuinely unique. Canvas offers you big step-change technology to revolutionise your decision-making, ensuring you’ll never need to ask ‘What if?’ again. With instant, full-system replication, you can evaluate the impact of any potential decision – forecasting hypothetical scenarios and modelling possible outcomes.

Plus, as with all LemonEdge solutions, when you want to customise your system, we make it quick and easy. You can achieve 100% of your needs through our fast, flexible API and Auto-Code designers.

Demand more

For Alternative Asset Management professionals looking for a competitive edge during this time of massive upheaval, it’s time to demand more from your software solution.

You can be up and running with LemonEdge’s Alternative Asset Management solution in 90 days or less. And, if you don’t see an immediate benefit, you can still keep LemonEdge for six months (terms and conditions apply).

Don’t wait any longer. Sign up today for a free personalised demonstration.