Auto-Code empowers citizen developers to do more

How Auto-Code empowers citizen developers to do more

Jamie Nascimento
July 1, 2020
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Citizen development is a proven, powerful tool to build better applications faster. But, it has its limitations. We think we’ve found the answer. Let’s find out more.

There’s no doubt that no-code and low-code citizen development interfaces help companies respond to digital transformation. It’s why the market for low-code development is predicted to grow to $54 billion by 2024, from a mere $6 billion in 2018. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are adopting low-code platforms so they can build out solutions faster. However, there are problems with citizen development that need solving.

In this article, we’re going to look at why citizen development works, as well as its limitations. Then, we’ll look at how, at LemonEdge Software, we’ve designed an even better approach. Let’s go.

Citizen development

When non-developers in your company can use intuitive platforms to design applications, you can build whatever you want, whenever you want. After only a small amount of training, almost anyone can use these visual, drag-and-drop user interfaces to create the right application for what they need at that exact moment, or they can customise existing apps. After all, who knows what features are required in a solution better than the people who use it every day?

This approach, known as citizen development, has helped businesses thrive in a world that changes quickly. It does this by eliminating the traditional development bottlenecks, where you have to wait for the IT team to get to your request. It also accelerates innovation, as proof of concept for an idea can come from a wider source.

That said, there is a ceiling to what you can achieve with the low-code approach.

  • The capability of the drag-and-drop platform limits what you can create. For example, if the platform wasn’t designed to landscape your UI, you can’t do it.
  • Your low-code design is always locked into the platform. You cannot take the code to use it anywhere else. In essence, you’re customising an existing platform.
  • In sectors where software creation is a complex process, such as developing enterprise-class applications, there is too big a gap between what citizen developers and expert developers can do

The solution: Auto-Code

Auto-Code is a new approach, created by LemonEdge, that bridges the gap between the citizen developer and your in-house development team.

Here’s how the Auto-Code platform works:

  • Citizen developers use a drag-and-drop user interface as they would with a low-code platform. The difference is, the system  generates actual code, which is integrated into the platform. The code is fully accessible
  • You can use the code as it is, or if an expert developer wants to come in and build on it, they can. It’s ideal for those final few adjustments that will take your app from good to great, making it limitless in terms of functionality. There is no ceiling to what you can achieve, as there is with no or low-code
  • You get to keep every piece of code you create. Take it with you to any platform you choose

Auto-Code enables your citizen developers and your specialists to work together, creating powerful functionality, more useful applications, with added portability. It eliminates all the fundamental downsides that come with citizen development, so you can move quickly and get the edge over your competitors.

Plus, we’ve embedded this technology, through our API, into an enterprise-level platform. That way, it comes with all the capabilities of complex back and middle-end financial services software solutions:

  • Full General Ledger with Multiple Dimensions
  • Complex data management with hierarchical relationship mapping
  • Analysis tools, with industry leading what-if scenario planning capabilities

With Auto-Code, even in sectors as challenging to program for as financial services, business experts can create the precise solutions they need, as and when they need them.



Chief Commercial Officer, LemonEdge

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We believe that Auto-Code Designers empower businesses to harness the massive potential of citizen development, without any of the limitations. It’s simple to use, yet easily adaptable, built for the fast-moving, complex and demanding world of financial services core technologies.

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