3 ways private equity firms can up their marketing game

3 ways private equity firms can up their marketing game

In this article, we’ll look in more depth at marketing and communications in private equity. We’ll also give three tips to private equity firms looking to shine in the market.

Jamie Nascimento
December 2, 2021
min read

Private equity is a competitive space –  getting more competitive with time. Firms have to compete with each other to attract the best investors, raise funds and land transactions. They also compete to bring the best talent into their organisations. As a result, the most forward-looking PE firms are reconsidering their approach to marketing, communications and PR. It’s now a must to have great marketing in order to stand out in the marketplace.

Why marketing is essential for PE firms

For private equity firms, marketing isn’t about persuading customers to buy a product. There’s a different set of objectives at play:

  • Raising funds (or more funds)
  • A steady flow of deals
  • More closed deals
  • New leads for acquisitions
  • Solid professional connections

When you get an effective, strategic digital marketing plan in place, you can get ahead of the PE crowd and achieve your goals.

Here are three top tips for better marketing and communications in private equity.

1 – Increase your engagement and content creation

If you don’t tell your target audience what you do, they’ll never know. Find a way to reach your target audience and let them know how you can add value. An email newsletter or regular LinkedIn posts are great at building awareness.

Use these channels to talk about new deals, your investing plan, your working culture and more. Share blogs and articles that align with your company’s values. When people comment on your social posts, start a conversation.

This will help increase brand awareness and boost your search engine optimisation (SEO), so you will feature higher on Google searches. Limited partners (LPs) will find it easier to find you online - and they will like what they see.  

2 – Showcase your people

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in; it’s the people that make your organisation what it is. Your people are your best asset, so use them.

In your marketing, position your people as thought leaders to display the values and principles of your firm and how they relate to the private equity industry. Look for themes and issues that your firm and its people can own. Raise your profile in the industry by getting your people to:

  • Speak at private equity events
  • Write thought leadership articles
  • Publish research

3 – Network, network, network

Finally, get out there as much as possible and spend time with your target audience. Ensure someone is representing your firm at industry events, conferences and awards. Take every opportunity to be in the space with the people you want to reach.

You should also make an effort to engage in person with the media. Never miss a chance to talk about your investment strategy and your track record in the industry. This open approach means journalists are more likely to give you favourable coverage. It also ensures you get your points across in an easy-to-understand way.

Get started

Now you know that marketing is as essential in private equity as it is in every other industry, what will you do to broaden your brand awareness?

If you’re unsure, start small with some LinkedIn posts and build from there. You’ll soon discover an uptick in engagement, leading to better outcomes for your firm.