Next-gen fund accounting software for private markets

Unlock hidden scalability by automating end-to-end accounting processes with LemonEdge.

A powerful engine at the heart of fund operations

Our state-of-the-art accounting engine is purpose-built for private markets firms battling complexity and searching for efficiency. With event-driven transactions, multi-ledger management and process automation, it makes the complex, simple and the time-consuming, efficient. Say goodbye to multi-entry, multi-ledger bookkeeping and countless offline processes and hello to the future of fund accounting.
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Decorative lines based on the LemonEdge logo
Decorative lines based on the LemonEdge logo

Modern technology to solve the problems of the past

GPs, Fund Admins, and Family Offices need to balance a drive for efficiency alongside the ever-increasing complexity of deals and fund structures. But, with most technology developed over a decade ago, it’s little wonder solutions are hard to come by.

Our answer? Innovate.

"LemonEdge has proven market-leading capabilities that, combined with our experienced team, will enable the continuing evolution of our operations to become agile, efficient and able to added further value to our investors"

Guillaume de Malliard, COO and Partner at Astorg Group

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Powering private markets

The flexible solution that caters for a variety of firms and strategies.

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Private Equity

Automate complexity and maximise scalability of end-to-end processes. Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and deliver comprehensive, real-time investor reporting.

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Fund Administration

Manage multiple clients, asset classes and structures simultaneously – one software solution to cover all clients and scenarios.

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Venture Capital

Manage large numbers of investments, systemise manual processes and unlock scalability in your existing team.

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Family Offices

Support for any complexity of structure or accounting need, with ease of self-management, comprehensive reporting, and enterprise-grade security.

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Innovation throughout

Here’s a snippet of what LemonEdge can do:

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Calculate, record, allocate and consolidate.

A GL built for private markets, powered by our cutting-edge accounting allocation engine. Event-driven transactions automate multi-entry bookkeeping throughout the fund structure, streamlining your complex calculations and financial reports.

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Connect, model and report.

Ingest data from any source via our comprehensive API and include it in your LemonEdge automations. Model the future with scenario planning tools and keep investors in the loop with a white-labelled investor portal.

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Say goodbye to offline Excel spreadsheets.

Eliminate the risks associated with offline spreadsheets by bringing your calculations and functions into LemonEdge. Work with real-time data in a secure environment, and track changes with a detailed audit history.

API Integration Baked in

Our rapidly growing tech eco-system

We’re quickly building an eco-system of related technology partnerships, enabling our clients to easily connect their existing data sources to LemonEdge.

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World-Class Specialists

Implementation partners

With both in-house implementation veterans alongside the option to work with our world-class consulting partners, you’re spoilt for choice.